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2mm THICK  3mm THICK  4mm THICK

Mejor que nunca

Cortador de alta calidad, te sorprenderá.


€9.90 the Meter (VAT incl.)

Maroon gingham fabric

High quality 100% cotton fabric for all types of clothing and crafts. Can be used for clothing, aprons, accessories, tablecloths, pillows, and more.

1cm vichy square

Excellent fabric for your Patchwork , sewing and other projects

  • Print: Vichy check
  • Weight: 130gr/m2
  • Width: 140cm

Fabric certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product class I

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product class IFabric washing

€10.85 the Meter (VAT incl.)

Waterproof Vivid Check Oilcloth Fabric

High quality 100% cotton oilcloth for table protection. With a very pretty and elegant gingham print

2cm vichy square (2x2 cm)



Excellent fabric for your Patchwork , sewing and other projects

  • Print: brown gingham check
  • Grammage: 130gr/m2
  • Width: 140cm

Fabric certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product class I

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product class IFabric washing

€18.00 (VAT incl.)

Tool to create your own box, cards and envelopes

Base measurement: 30x30cm

You can make envelopes, cards or boxes of different sizes.

  • 30cm x 30cm, score board. to cut on one side and the other is to fold. used to make different cards, paper gift boxes and envelopes.
  • Scoring Ruler High Quality Scoring Ruler. Latch structure make the ruler fit perfectly into the board. Clear and easy to understand how to use it to make cards or boxes. With a steel bar, it can be used to cut paper more safely.
  • Envelope Triangle used to make envelopes and there are 5 different measurements on the triangle for your reference. For other sizes, please refer to the printing on the tatami
  • 6" Bone Paper Folder Tool Use this versatile tool for marking goals and folding paper etc. It is also used for marking scores or papers, fabrics and boards.
€6.48 the Meter (VAT incl.)

WATERPROOF lightweight ripstop fabric

Blue waterproof fabric. Thin and light fabric.

Royal blue waterproof plastic type fabric to make umbrellas, linings, and other applications

  • Waterproof fabric. Color Royal Blue
  • Width 150cm
  • 60 gr/m2
  • plastic touch

K6426 is a strong fabric due to the cross-weft pattern of woven nylon threads. This makes it ideal for flags, bags, tents, lightweight waterproof vests, etc.

€13.50 the Meter (VAT incl.)

Needle punched adhesive carpet fabric

High-quality adhesive carpet to upholster the floor and trunk of the car. Useful for all types of vehicles such as cars, vans or boats

  • Composition: 100% recycled polyester
  • Width: 148cm
  • 4mm thick
  • 350 gr/m2

This adhesive can be easily glued onto Kayflex rubber without the need to apply any additional glue.


€8.10 the Meter (VAT incl.)

TRIANGULAR squared Rasterquik interlining

Patchwork interlining with linear print in blue with a 90 or 60 degree angle. Suitable for use with all types of fabrics.

Checkered interlining ideal to guide you in your creations.

It can be washed at up to 40 degrees or dry cleaned.

Very useful fliselina for crafts and is very easy to sew.

Width of the piece 90 cm.

Demonstrative video - link to the manufacturer's website

€6.50 the Meter (VAT incl.)

Stabilizing foam

Ideal material to give volume to your creations and to make bags, bags and upholster cars and anything that requires volume and softness.

  • Composition: Foam + Polyester 100%
  • Width: 160cm
  • 2mm thick foam with lining

This is an example of a beautiful creation with our 2mm thick foam. Very easy to work with for handling, cutting and stiffening.

  • example foam 2mm

€18.50 the Meter (VAT incl.)

Water-repellent outdoor canvas fabric

High quality 100% acrylic fabric for outdoor clothing. Water resistant fabric with great fastness to the sun (UV rays), easy to sew.

  • Fabric (water repellent)
  • Width 320cm
  • Weight: 190gr/m2
  • Appearance: pleasant touch

Ideal fabric for making awnings, sail awnings, outdoor sofas, windbreak curtains, sun loungers, cushion covers and many other uses.

Do you need us to make something for you? Request a price by whatapp or email

€12.98 the Meter (VAT incl.)

Quilted sheet fabric

Perfect fabric for crafts and sewing with which you can easily make quilts. On one side of the 15cm diamond quilting is the smooth sheet fabric and on the other side it has 100% recycled fiber wadding with a very pleasant touch that will be the side on which you can easily sew your projects.

High-quality padding with a 15cm rhombus pattern

Saturday fabric color: Ivory

Composition: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton

Width 270cm

Grammage: 310 gr/m2

Reviews by Revi

Nueva APP de Kadusi

2 Years ago

Cutter rotativo Kadusi

byJoan 5 Years ago
Cutter rotativo de alta precisión y corte excelente para una gran variedad de materiales. Recambios de cuchillas con un corte extremadamente preciso y compatibles con otras marcas.

Hojas de tela adhesiva

byJana 5 Years ago
Hojas de tela adhesiva imprescindibles para forrar todo tipo de materiales. Escoge sobre una gran cantidad de estampados.
€6.70 (VAT incl.)
1 review

Wooden box

  • Solid pine wood box.
  • Box without closure.

Choose the size you need

Untreated wood (natural) that can be decorated with various techniques such as Patchwork, gluing the fabric, decoupage, napkins, painting, stenciling, dyeing, cracking, gilding, etc.

Have fun decorating your box..!!

€60.50 (VAT incl.)
11 reviews

cutting base

Fantastic green cutting base with angles for making high quality self-healing and non-slip crafts .

Cutting Base Measurement: 120x90cm

Measurement: centimeters on one side and inches on the other side

Thickness: 1.6 mm (perfect and light due to its dimensions for all types of crafts for individuals, professionals or industrials)

The Cutting Base is printed in centimeters and inches

€118.00 (VAT incl.)
3 reviews

Machine for die cutting and embossing mouth 22.5cm

Compatible with Sizzix dies

Contains a MISSKUTY L machine (mouth 22.5cm), a platform, a cutting base, an adapter for thick dies and instructions for use.

The MISSKUTY L machine allows you to cut, die cut, engrave and emboss all types of materials. Depending on the type of die used, you can cut countless shapes using paper, cardstock, foam, leather, felt, magnet, cork, balsa wood, aluminum sheets, fabric, and more.



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